GymGuru is a brand of the established family-owned sports equipment maker Hotshot Sports Equipment Ltd, owned and operated since 1988. Hotshot found a niche in the market for quality outdoor gym equipment that would help clients improve parks and recreational spaces – most importantly, achieved without excessive ongoing maintenance costs. It was a natural progression for us to utilise our expertise as experienced engineers in making outdoors sports equipment, to design and patent six outdoor gym machines that our research tells us are the most popular.


We Enable Place-making

Place-making is both a process and a philosophy of activating spaces and places. Through planning, design and management of public spaces a sense of value and respect can be created within communities. We understand both the importance of place-making in urban design and the numerous physical and mental benefits derived from exercise. It is this synergy which GymGuru wishes to bring to communities. GymGuru can activate place-making as a valuable component of urban planning, helping to bring spaces alive. This is achieved by:

  • Connecting a community more with its environment
  • Creating public places which are valued by the community
  • Bringing new users into areas of underutilised space
  • People aspire to live in unique places

Place-making is not a new idea. Visionaries since the 1960s have focused on the importance of lively neighbourhoods and inviting public spaces. The challenge is to provide infrastructure which supports these visions. GymGuru creates this opportunity to re-engineer healthy activity back into our environment.

Why we do it

Our satisfaction comes from enhancing public environments and improving the wellbeing of people who use them – they are intertwined. We know outdoor health stations enhance communities and create equal opportunity for all members of public to participate in healthy activity.  Additionally:

  • Studies conclude that fitness stations increase urban public park usage and attract new park users into under-utilised space
  • Communities are increasingly seeking new ways to create urban places which promote healthier lifestyle and give something back to its members
  • Outdoor gym equipment is non-discriminatory and creates tangible intent within communities to encourage healthier lifestyle
  • Recent research found that exercising in a natural environment boosts people’s physical and mental health more than going to indoor gyms, not to mention the financial drain of gym membership and the infamous gym dropout rate. Local community groups and leaders understand this principle and strive to provide the best possible facilities to their communities
  • Modern day equipment users and purchasers desire innovation, some traditional equipment has not been innovated for 40-50 years, observations show it can be intimidating and difficult to use

The GymGuru Within

Our guiding principles:

  • A person’s best thinking and sense of perspective occurs when interacting with new and stimulating environments, where exercising is not just good for the body but for the mind and soul.
  • The land is part of who we are. The people of New Zealand have always had a heritage and deep connection with the land, enabling a strong sense of place. In addition Kiwis are internationally well known for finding new ways to enjoy outdoor environments particularly through exercise.
  • As a New Zealand born and managed company, GymGuru continues to advance and combine these beliefs that have highly positively outcomes for a person’s health and balanced lifestyle.
  • We don’t design ideas to suit machines; we design machines to fulfil ideas.
  • Customers and their feedback go hand-in-hand with our product development.
  • Our suppliers embrace the same values of integrity, continuous research and development, and built-to-last quality.

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GymGuru completes certification of European & Australian safety standards

New Zealand-designed and developed outdoor gym equipment maker GymGuru has reinforced its safety ethos by completing European & Australian safety standard certifications. GymGuru already holds New Zealand playground equipment & surfacing certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is GymGuru different from other equipment?

A. We invested heavily in research to establish and address common pain points faced by the outdoor gym equipment market. We asked stakeholders at council, community groups, playground and park facility suppliers, and urban planners, what the problems were and what they wanted from an outdoor gym product. We’ve designed and built our equipment based on this feedback.

Q. What are the main advantages of GymGuru?

A. Tailored workouts to suit a wide range of user abilities

Our equipment utilises unique, innovation resistance technology that allows users of all abilities to easily and safely adjust to the desired level of resistance, regardless of strength and body type.

A. Designed with safety in mind

All our equipment has been designed and independently assessed for bio-mechanical fit and prevention of injury risk; non slip foot placements, prevention of free swinging appendages, no pinch points, ergonomically approved ranges of movement and total enclosure of movement

A. Safety Standard Compliant

All product complies with and is certified to NZ, Australian & European standards; NZS5825:2004, EN16630:2015 and AS4685:2014

A. Low Maintenance & Durable

Designed by specialist engineers who have over 30 years experience manufacturing sports equipment they use only the highest quality materials to ensure the equipment meets durability expectations.  Replacing the lubricant cartridge annually maintains the warranty and keeps the internal moving parts in good working order.

Q. Is it customisable?

A. You can make GymGuru part of your place by branding it with your own logo or message. Various colour options for the side panels are available to provide a bespoke finish.

Q. What’s the best layout and placement of equipment?

A. We understand each project is different and depending on your project we can provide some options and guidance on what would best suit.  If you are building a fitness trail or adding equipment within a playground we have experience with many different scenarios and can help with different options.

Q. Do you install equipment?

A. Depending on the location we can install or assist with a local contractor that can carry out the work.  To save on costs we recommend the ground work with a 1.3m square or round concrete pad is installed prior to us installing the equipment.

Q. Where is GymGuru made?

A. We’re proud to say it’s made in our Napier based factory, right here in NZ! This means we fully back our equipment with a comprehensive warranty – not that you’ll need it!