Power Tower

Power Tower

  • Allows the users to strengthen their core and upper body muscles
  • Offers versatility, supporting a variety of exercises for muscle toning, strength training, and endurance building.
  • Enhances physical fitness by enhancing muscle strength, balance, and flexibility, contributing to a comprehensive and effective workout routine.
  • Strength
  • Agility

GymGuru | Outdoor Gym Equipment NZ

GymGuru is a brand of the established family-owned sports equipment maker Hotshot Sports Equipment Ltd, owned and operated since 1988.

Hotshot found a niche in the market for high quality outdoor gym equipment that would help clients improve parks and recreational spaces – most importantly, achieved without excessive ongoing maintenance costs.

It was a natural progression for us to utilise our expertise as experienced engineers in making outdoors sports equipment, to design and patent six outdoor gym machines that our research tells us are the most popular.

Our satisfaction comes from enhancing public environments and improving the wellbeing of people who use them – they are intertwined. We know outdoor health stations enhance communities and create equal opportunity for all members of public to participate in healthy activity.  Additionally:

  • Studies conclude that fitness stations increase urban public park usage and attract new park users into under-utilised space
  • Communities are increasingly seeking new ways to create urban places which promote healthier lifestyle and give something back to its members
  • Outdoor gym equipment is non-discriminatory and creates tangible intent within communities to encourage healthier lifestyle
  • Recent research found that exercising in a natural environment boosts people’s physical and mental health more than going to indoor gyms, not to mention the financial drain of gym membership and the infamous gym dropout rate. Local community groups and leaders understand this principle and strive to provide the best possible facilities to their communities
  • Modern day equipment users and purchasers desire innovation, some traditional equipment has not been innovated for 40-50 years, observations show it can be intimidating and difficult to use