Outdoor Gym Equipment

Do you want your communities to benefit from exercise without joining a traditional gym? At GymGuru we equip the public environment with outdoor gym equipment to provide opportunities to make exercising accessible in local outdoor spaces.

Providing commercial products for public spaces, our team at GymGuru gain satisfaction from enhancing public environments to improve the well-being of New Zealand communities. Visit one of our local outdoor gyms shown on our online site or view our Facebook to see any new installations.

We install outdoor fitness equipment that allows any individual from the community to self-define their exercise at the workout stations. Our team pride ourselves on building outdoor fitness cardio, flexibility, balance, and strength training equipment for a complete workout in the fresh air of New Zealand.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Our outdoor exercise equipment is supplied with a ten-year warranty for non-moving parts and a three-year warranty on moving parts. We use the finest quality components for long-term outdoor exercise equipment in public parks and abide by safety standards that serve the health of local communities.


Outdoor Gym Equipment

We have developed strong relationships with clients purchasing fitness equipment, Christchurch, and across New Zealand for the outdoor gyms in their communities. Lifting the lid on indoor fitness equipment, NZ outdoor fitness equipment can inspire the fitness of youth and adults alike to build key life skills and instil healthy habits.


Our services are focused on place-making, the process and philosophy which activates places and spaces. Through careful planning, and the establishment of thoughtful design and management, public spaces can be developed to promote values of respect and empower active communities.

We help provide infrastructure to support communities, sports clubs, and cities that are motivated to present gym and play equipment which promotes active exercise. Public parks which may have solely focused on younger children’s playground equipment are enhanced with active strength training and cardio equipment such as military press machines and more.

At GymGuru we promote both the physical and mental value derived from exercise, working tirelessly to help bring spaces alive to give value to the community. We bring new uses for previousy underutilised areas, connecting the community to their environment and delivering outdoor fitness equipment which offers a meaningful workout for any individual.

Enhancing Public Spaces

To create public places that are valued by communities, connecting them with their environment, our equipment offers an opportunity for everyone to stay active and stay fit while out in the fresh air of a local park.

Developing sports areas out of an underused location, our fitness equipment can help draw people to the area, as people are encouraged by the uniqueness of an outdoor workout. While the equipment can allow for free training opportunities for local communities, it can also help children develop healthy habits and normalise forms of strength training and outdoor exercise.

Our Product Range

We maintain an extensive product range, from cardiovascular training equipment such as exercise bikes and elliptical cross trainers to strength training street workout options such as our seated leg press, overhead press, and combination wheelchair press, bicep curl & squat machine.

Many of our products are composed of multiple exercises in mind, allowing for a full-body workout being available when using a small number of our machines. We sell variable resistance equipment, helping people extend their training closer to maximal load.

Key Exercise Features we Target

The equipment we supply helps draw the local community to an underutilised space, with our product range aiding strength training, cardio, balance, and flexibility.

Through strength-based training, users can increase overall strength and reduce body fat. Cardio training aids exercisers by developing a healthier heart and increasing the efficiency of their cardiopulmonary system. Improving balance allows users to prevent injury, as does flexibility, where you can improve your range of motion.

High Durability

We supply our outdoor workout range to encourage physical activity in our community and make use of public spaces. Our workout products are composed of high-quality materials, delivering excellent results over long periods, with little maintenance required.

Partnering with specialist engineers, our products have been developed to maximise longevity and provide complete safety for users. Our clients have confidence in the safety and suitable investment afforded by our equipment, giving positive feedback which helps motivate our team.

Safety Commitment

The reliability of our products is beyond doubt, as we have gained certification from NZ playground equipment & surfacing standard (NZS5828), European standard for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment (EN16630), and the Australian playground equipment & surfacing standard (AS4685).

Our non-slip foot placements, totally enclosed mechanical parts, no entrapment points, and entire prevention of free-swinging appendages completely secure each equipment item. If you have any questions regarding safety or our product range please feel free to phone 0800483 66 47 or email sales@gymguru.co.nz