Fitness Equipment NZ

Our outdoor fitness equipment NZ at GymGuru enables the vitality of exercising in an open-air environment to go hand in hand with the tailored and targeted workout that is normally achieved in an indoor gym.

Other outdoor workout gear brands provide products with a fixed resistance. Unlike these suppliers, at GymGuru, we are a company that operates by the ethos of “taking walls off gyms.” Our outdoor gym equipment provides variable resistance to suit all fitness goals.

Any customer using our gear can easily self-define their workouts, regardless of their physical condition, and enhance their life fitness. Providing a range of resistance fulfils the needs of people with all abilities, thereby allowing outdoor workouts to go to the next level.

We provide and service outdoor gym exercise equipment in public parks NZ

Our products target the four key areas of exercise:


  • Cardio: Improving cardiovascular fitness improves the body’s efficiency at consuming oxygen and the strength of the heart, lungs, and organs.
  • Strength: Training muscles to exert force against resistance will improve bone density, immunity, injury prevention, and weight management.
  • Flexibility: Enabling joints to move through their full range of motion assists a fuller, pain-free range of movement.
  • Balance: The ability to maintain equilibrium against gravity increases coordination, awareness, and bodily control.

Anyone using GymGuru gear will improve their muscular strength, endurance, overall cardiovascular health, and life fitness.

Read on to find out what benefits our commercial gym equipment provides.

Seated overhead press

Our seated overhead press is an effective machine for improving strength in the upper body and core.

Elliptical cross trainer

Users can enjoy an impact-free cardiovascular workout, ideal for anyone with hip or knee issues who wants to improve their life fitness. The elliptical cross-trainer improves strength, agility, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance.

Seated leg press

The seated leg press is another excellent piece of gym equipment for improving muscular strength, targeting the lower body and the core.

Hip flexibility swing

This piece of fitness equipment NZ is excellent for improving flexibility in the hip adductors, groin, and outer hips.

Shoulder grinder

The shoulder grinder is physically demanding and it improves strength throughout the whole body, especially the upper body, and cardiovascular life fitness.

Stationary bike

Excellent at improving cardiovascular fitness, our non-impact stationary bike also builds muscular strength, especially in the legs.

Recumbent bike

If you’re looking for an all-around exercise, the recumbent bike is a fantastic choice, improving cardiovascular fitness along with strength in the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

Lateral pull-down

The lateral pull-down builds strength in the upper body, including the biceps, middle back, and shoulders.

Combination core strength and stretch bench

This bench facilitates both core strengthening exercises and muscle stretches.

Combination overhead press and lateral pull-down

Offering dual-resistance movement, this machine targets the muscles in the upper body, core, and back.

Combination wheelchair press, bicep curl, and squat

This machine allows wheelchair users to work their upper body muscles and biceps. People who don’t use wheelchairs can also facilitate their squat exercises using this press.

Why use GymGuru fitness products in New Zealand

At GymGuru, we have invested heavily in research to address the needs and surpass the pain points of the outdoor gym equipment market. One of the main issues was that we mostly only found fixed resistance gear at outdoor fitness stations. With the help of specialist engineers, we have been able to create products that change the game.

Not only do our products have variable resistance, everything we provide at GymGuru is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We maximise longevity and safety while minimising maintenance.

We use innovative technology that is safe for users of all abilities, strengths, and body types to use and improve their life fitness. Each of our designs gets independently screened to ensure we are meeting the highest of standards. Our equipment is also extremely durable, as we designed it with outdoor settings in mind.

At GymGuru, we recognize that our communities thrive on outdoor activities. Research has well-established how sports and recreation help unite and strengthen communities. We love to foster pride in communities, allowing people to get healthy without having to invest in home gym equipment and gain a sense of belonging wherever they are.

Our fitness equipment NZ targets cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance, thereby offering an accessible, well-rounded workout to Kiwi communities. Exercising is not just good for the body but also for the mind and the soul. We are committed to helping all of our customers meet their community’s fitness goals by putting low prices on high-quality products.

We aim to achieve the best possible social, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being for New Zealand communities by making a healthy and balanced lifestyle available to everyone. With a strong philosophy on place-making, we place value and respect on public community spaces. Connecting communities with their environment will enhance their well-being.

Outdoor health stations make communities better. To help your Kiwi community thrive or find out about our special offers, contact our team at GymGuru today!