About / We enable place-making

Place-making is both a process and a philosophy of activating spaces and places. Through planning, design and management of public spaces a sense of value and respect can be created within communities. We understand both the importance of place-making in urban design and the numerous physical and mental benefits derived from exercise. It is this synergy which GymGuru wishes to bring to communities. GymGuru can activate place-making as a valuable component of urban planning, helping to bring spaces alive. This is achieved by:

  • Connecting a community more with its environment
  • Creating public places which are valued by the community
  • Bringing new users into areas of underutilised space
  • People aspire to live in unique places

Place-making is not a new idea. Visionaries since the 1960s have focused on the importance of lively neighbourhoods and inviting public spaces. The challenge is to provide infrastructure which supports these visions. GymGuru creates this opportunity to re-engineer healthy activity back into our environment.