Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is GymGuru different from other equipment?

A. We invested heavily in research to establish and address common pain points faced by the outdoor gym equipment market. We asked stakeholders at council, community groups, playground and park facility suppliers, and urban planners, what the problems were and what they wanted from an outdoor gym product. We’ve designed and built our equipment based on this feedback.

Q. What are the main advantages of GymGuru?

A. Tailored workouts to suit a wide range of user abilities

Our equipment utilises unique, innovation resistance technology that allows users of all abilities to easily and safely adjust to the desired level of resistance, regardless of strength and body type.

A. Designed with safety in mind

All our equipment has been designed and independently assessed for bio-mechanical fit and prevention of injury risk; non slip foot placements, prevention of free swinging appendages, no pinch points, ergonomically approved ranges of movement and total enclosure of movement

A. Safety Standard Compliant

All product complies with and is certified to NZ, Australian & European standards; NZS5825:2004, EN16630:2015 and AS4685:2014

A. Low Maintenance & Durable

Designed by specialist engineers who have over 30 years experience manufacturing sports equipment they use only the highest quality materials to ensure the equipment meets durability expectations.  Replacing the lubricant cartridge annually maintains the warranty and keeps the internal moving parts in good working order.

Q. Is it customisable?

A. You can make GymGuru part of your place by branding it with your own logo or message. Various colour options for the side panels are available to provide a bespoke finish.

Q. What’s the best layout and placement of equipment?

A. We understand each project is different and depending on your project we can provide some options and guidance on what would best suit.  If you are building a fitness trail or adding equipment within a playground we have experience with many different scenarios and can help with different options.

Q. Do you install equipment?

A. Depending on the location we can install or assist with a local contractor that can carry out the work.  To save on costs we recommend the ground work with a 1.3m square or round concrete pad is installed prior to us installing the equipment.

Q. Where is GymGuru made?

A. We’re proud to say it’s made in our Napier based factory, right here in NZ! This means we fully back our equipment with a comprehensive warranty – not that you’ll need it!