About / The GymGuru within

Our guiding principles:

  • A person’s best thinking and sense of perspective occurs when interacting with new and stimulating environments, where exercising is not just good for the body but for the mind and soul.
  • The land is part of who we are. The people of New Zealand have always had a heritage and deep connection with the land, enabling a strong sense of place. In addition Kiwis are internationally well known for finding new ways to enjoy outdoor environments particularly through exercise.
  • As a New Zealand born and managed company, GymGuru continues to advance and combine these beliefs that have highly positively outcomes for a person’s health and balanced lifestyle.
  • We don’t design ideas to suit machines; we design machines to fulfil ideas.
  • Customers and their feedback go hand-in-hand with our product development.
  • Our suppliers embrace the same values of integrity, continuous research and development, and built-to-last quality.